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How to spot an intrapreneur on a corporate safari

If you go on a corporate safari, one of the hardest employee animals to find is the intrapreneur.

An intrapreneur is the one in a dazzle of zebras who introduces herself as a piano horse. Or a unicorn who introduces himself as a rhinocehorse…

Mike Pinder

About Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder is a Senior Innovation Consultant at Board of Innovation, helping global Fortune 500 to innovate like startups from innovation strategy to design thinking, lean startup and business model innovation to create intrapreneurial troublemakers. With 10+ years’ experience guiding executives and project teams, cross-industry in B2B/B2C for clients like GE, ABinBev, ZF, Logitech, ING, Bpost. His research interests center around external hacker innovation communities and their role on design trajectories within large corporates.