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Wherever possible (given client consulting project constraints, NDA’s and confidentiality), I like to share my keynotes to inspire others to innovate in their work and wider impact. You can download a selection of my presentations and thinking below.

I look forward to your thoughts and general feedback!


Best Virtual Consulting Collaboration Practices World Economic Forum (WEF) to Enable Circular Economy Ecosystems 2.83 MB

Praca Hybryd Konferencia 2020 (Hybrid Work Conference 2020): Socjomania, Poland, 8th-10th September 2020. ...


SDN Netherlands Chapter Service Design for Innovation & Startups Virtual Meetup 2020 2.23 MB

SDN Network: Service Design for Innovation & Startups, 7th May, 2020 ...


Developing Entrepreneurial Culture Whilst Co-Innovating with Your Customers 6.43 MB

Cambridge University Open Innovation Forum, Institute for Manufacturing Education & Consulting, March 30th, 2020. ...


Applying Design Thinking Across the Innovation Process in Industrial B2B 8.23 MB

2nd Design Thinking for Business Innovation Summit, 6-7th February, 2020 ...


Applying Design Thinking in B2C and B2B Fortune 500's 4.74 MB

POLISHOPA Design Thinking & Service Design Conference, 3-6th June, 2019. ...


Applying Service Design Whilst Innovating Like A Startup Keynote 2.67 MB

SDN Network: Service Design for Innovation & Startups, 17th December, 2020. ...

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