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Who am I?

I’m a Senior Innovation Consultant with 10+ years hands-on experience. I originally came from an arts background, trained in the design process through visual communication, graphic design, Web technologies, UI/UX design and development. I gained an MSc in International Business & Management for Design and started my PhD in Innovation & Entrepreneurship; giving me broad skill-sets, tools and methodologies to apply at strategic, tactical and operational levels, coupled with hand-on industry experience new technology R&D.

What do I do?

I work for Board of Innovation, cross-industry and help internal Fortune500 teams to innovate like start-ups, by applying my multi-disciplinary background across design, business and innovation management through hands-on consulting, training and facilitation of tailored innovation programmes. Ranging from bootcamps, corporate accelerator’s programs, long-term cultural change programs using methods like Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Lean Start-up and AGILE methodologies, business model innovation, pitching and commercialisation in both B2B and B2C.

What makes me tick?

I’m naturally inquisitive; passionate about the near-possible; an ENFJ; a critical design, business and innovation thinker who loves to uncover why questions and is keen to learn from everywhere and anyone around me. I love all things digital including hacking technology, reading, writing, art, sliding down mountains, cycling all over, creating things and I have a keen interest in all that flies.

More about my expertise.

Selection of clients:

Research interests

I’m particularly interested in how firms can harness and capture value from their extreme users, creative consumers or hackers by proactively-facilitating and overtly-absorbing external generativity as a vital source of innovation and added-value. I have so far written on the topic at PhD level, carried-out research, authored papers and monograph.

Latest Publications, Research & International Speaking

Meetup: Service Design for Innovation teams and Start-ups: the challenges and opportunities

| Conferences, Innovation, International Speaking, Publications | No Comments
Call-out to all #innovation #managers! I'm happy to share I’ll be speaking Board of Innovation HQ on October 30th 2019 from 18:00 about the latest issue of SDN Touchpoint, The Journal of Service Design…

The End of Agile? No, Quite the Opposite

| Articles, Innovation, Publications | No Comments
For us at Board of Innovation, Agile still operates very well at the end of the innovation process – where it needs to be. Forbes.com has published a number of articles…

Hosting discussion panel at Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019 in Copenhagen Denmark

| Articles, Conferences, Innovation | No Comments
I'm very happy to share that I will be attending Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019 between the 5th-8th November with my colleague Eva Vercouteren to host a discussion panel on enabling…

Applying Service Design While ‘Innovating like a Start-up’. The role of service design in global Fortune 500 project teams

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Whilst guest editing Touchpoint (Vol 11, No.1), The Journal of Service Design the past 6 months, I also authored a provocative piece on the role of Service Design whilst working…

Guest Editor Role: Touchpoint The Journal Service Design for Innovation and Start-ups

| Articles, Innovation, Publications | No Comments
I've been working as Guest Editor (and Author) for Touchpoint, The Journal of Service Design for the past 6 months (Mar-Aug 2019) over at Service Design Network, on their Innovation…

POLISHOPA Design Thinking 2019 Conference Deck

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I recently gave an international keynote at POLISHOPA Design Thinking & Service Design Conference in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Here is the keynote on 'Applying Design Thinking in B2C & B2B Fortune…

Speaking at POLISHOPA Design Thinking & Service Design Conference

| Articles, Conferences, Innovation, International Speaking | No Comments
I have the pleasure of being invited to speak at POLISHOPA Design Thinking & Service Design Conference in  Bydgoszcz, Poland, 3rd-6th of June 2019. About POLISHOPA POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference is…

Speaking at Nexxworks Kickstart Innovation Bootcamp Entrepreneur Edition

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I'll be speaking at the upcoming Nexxworks Kickstart Innovation Bootcamp Entrepreneur Edition at Spark 9, Antwerp, Belgium on the 16th May 2019. Topics will include: Innovation what it is and what…

Interview for EH:21 Magazine

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I recently gave an interview to EH:21 Magazine (L'Entreprise et l'Homme) on how Board of Innovation helps large corporates to 'innovate like startups'. The publication is in French but feel free…

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Mike’s breadth of experience in the domains of design, innovation & technology is unparalleled. He is a walking library of frameworks, tools & methodologies who possesses the unique ability to flawlessly apply his theoretical knowledge to complex business environments. He is the embodiment of a ‘growth mindset’, relentlessly curious and continuously hungry for feedback.

Lucas TamborynInnovation Consultant

It is always amazing to see new talent with a desire for innovation and design emerging from academia and finding its way to industry. This is the case of Mike, whose management methodologies and new product development skills are outstanding and very desirable for any kind of industry.

Dr Sergio Castillo GarciaHead of Electronics

Mike has applied himself successfully to many disciplines in his role as Digital Innovation Strategist at Titan Reality and adopts new skills and technologies with enthusiasm. He is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates attention to detail, is always focused on the task in hand and has a thorough understanding of innovation and product development.

Jim SimonsSoftware Architect

I worked with Mike for several years within a multi-disciplinary team of software developers, research scientists, designers and engineers and had the pleasure of seeing him work seamlessly across design, business, management and innovation roles in the startup environment. I was particularly impressed by his wealth of knowledge across the design process, backup-up by a strong strategic business mindset as well as his ability to get people on board with new creative ideas from different disciplines. Mike is someone with strong ambition, is self-motivated and would be a tremendous asset to any team.

Vassilis ValavanisDSP Engineer & Researcher