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A multidisciplinary Senior Innovation Consultant spanning Strategic Design, Business & Innovation Management


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Keynote speaker: innovation strategy, design thinking, lean startup, business model innovation & intrapreneurship


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Guiding corporate teams through innovation bootcamps, corporate accelerators, hackathons, Design Sprints & more+


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See how I apply my background knowledge in Design, Business & Innovation to project work


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From Design Thinking, Lean Start-up to Business Model Innovation & Pitching + more


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Read my latest research on how external disruptive community innovation is absorbed across firm boundaries


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See my range of skills & expertise in Design, Business, Research & Innovation Management

Who am I?

Mike Pinder Senior Innovation ConsultantI’m a Senior Innovation Consultant with 12+ years hands-on industry experience. I originally came from an arts background, trained the design process. I gained an MSc in International Business & Management for Design, worked in new technology R&D startups, and started my PhD in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This gives me broad skill-sets, tools and methodologies to apply at strategic, tactical and operational levels with innovation teams. 

What do I do?

I’m Innovation Expertise Lead at Board of Innovation, working cross-industry helping Fortune 500’s to innovate like start-ups, by applying my multi-disciplinary background across design, business and innovation management through hands-on consulting, training and facilitation of tailored innovation programmes. Ranging from innovation strategy, corporate accelerator’s programs, long-term cultural change programs using methods like Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, business model innovation in both B2B and B2C markets.

What makes me tick?

I’m naturally inquisitive; passionate about the near-possible; an ENFJ; a critical design, business and innovation thinker who loves to uncover why questions and is keen to learn from everywhere and anyone around me. I love all things digital including hacking technology, reading, writing, art, sliding down mountains, cycling all over, creating things and I have a keen interest in all that flies.

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Latest Publications, Research & International Speaking

mike pinder design thinking summit business innovation design thinking, barcelona, spain 2020

Keynote at 2nd Design Thinking for Business Innovation Summit

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Happy to announce that I'll be giving a keynote at the 2nd Design Thinking for Business Innovation Summit on 6th and 7th of February in Barcelona, Spain. I'll be speaking…

He-Man can teach you powerful lessons about how to successfully manage continuous innovation

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The whiplash journey of Mattel’s beloved kids’ toy range perfectly sums up the fundamentals and key challenges of managing continuous, successful corporate innovation. Avoid He-Man sized innovation mistakes And now…

The Top 7 Challenges Innovation Managers Face in 2020

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As the new year approaches, innovation managers all over the world will be thinking about the year ahead whilst taking some quality time off to recharge and re-plan their impact…

How to create an innovation strategy that translates to the operational team level

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Say no to innovation theatre! Create an actionable innovation strategy in 5 days that translates down to the operational team level and drives results. We’ve all seen or experienced high-level…

Interview with ARYZE: How to Implement an Innovation Strategy in Just 5 Days

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I recently had the opportunity to give an interview with ARYZE on how to implement an innovation strategy in just 5 days.

Meetup: Service Design for Innovation teams and Start-ups: the challenges and opportunities

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Call-out to all #innovation #managers! I'm happy to share I’ll be speaking Board of Innovation HQ on October 30th 2019 from 18:00 about the latest issue of SDN Touchpoint, The Journal of Service Design…

The End of Agile? No, Quite the Opposite

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For us at Board of Innovation, Agile still operates very well at the end of the innovation process – where it needs to be. Forbes.com has published a number of articles…

Hosting discussion panel at Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019 in Copenhagen Denmark

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I'm very happy to share that I will be attending Innovation Roundtable Summit 2019 between the 5th-8th November with my colleague Eva Vercouteren to host a discussion panel on enabling…

Applying Service Design While ‘Innovating like a Start-up’. The role of service design in global Fortune 500 project teams

| Articles, Innovation, Publications, Uncategorised | No Comments
Whilst guest editing Touchpoint (Vol 11, No.1), The Journal of Service Design the past 6 months, I also authored a provocative piece on the role of Service Design whilst working…

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Business Model Innovation

Design Thinking

Innovation Research

Lean Startup

Corporate Intrapreneurship

Work featured in:

Mike was the chairman and a speaker at our 2nd Design Thinking for Business Innovation Summit on February 6-7, 2020.
The audience found his presentation very relevant, insightful and practical. He received one of the highest overall ratings.
Mike was an amazing chairman; he is funny, proactive and able to set up a very welcoming, friendly atmosphere at the event. Thanks to Mike’s very professional approach and cheerful personality our event was a great success. I would definitely recommend Mike as a keynote speaker and chairman.

Olga GalkaVolanthan Group

Mike managed to switch on light bulbs that weren´t there before. He encouraged me in a professional and contagious way to drop artificial limitations to my already creative mindset. Mike recognized intuitively to challenge me (and others) in the way we needed it to excel in our future everyday customer journeys and duties. Keep up this inspiring spirit!

Wolfgang SchuesslerValmet Industrial Internet EMEA

My personal experience when working with Mike Pinder has been positive and inspiring. Mike keeps the customer (us) very well on track what is going to happen and what needs to be done. He also do challenge the customer / participants to think outside of the box, which is not easy always and may feel challenging at the time but his way of doing that typically helps to understand that there are even more ways to think or do things. As a person he has a good (British) sense of humor and has a great natural stage presence, even for bigger audiences. I have enjoyed working with Mike and can recommend his expertise and way of working to any other colleague or stakeholder in my network.

Santeri HeinonenSenior Manager, Global Talent Development at Valmet

It is always amazing to see new talent with a desire for innovation and design emerging from academia and finding its way to industry. This is the case of Mike, whose management methodologies and new product development skills are outstanding and very desirable for any kind of industry.

Dr Sergio Castillo GarciaTechnical Director, Electronics Engineering

Mike’s breadth of experience in the domains of design, innovation & technology is unparalleled. He is a walking library of frameworks, tools & methodologies who possesses the unique ability to flawlessly apply his theoretical knowledge to complex business environments. He is the embodiment of a ‘growth mindset’, relentlessly curious and continuously hungry for feedback.

Lucas TamborynInnovation Consultant, Coach & Trainer

Mike has applied himself successfully to many disciplines in his role as Digital Innovation Strategist and adopts new skills and technologies with enthusiasm. He is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates attention to detail, is always focused on the task in hand and has a thorough understanding of innovation and product development.

Jim SimonsFounder AliveIn Tech Ltd

I worked with Mike for several years within a multi-disciplinary team of software developers, research scientists, designers and engineers and had the pleasure of seeing him work seamlessly across design, business, management and innovation roles in the startup environment. I was particularly impressed by his wealth of knowledge across the design process, backup-up by a strong strategic business mindset as well as his ability to get people on board with new creative ideas from different disciplines. Mike is someone with strong ambition, is self-motivated and would be a tremendous asset to any team.

Vassilis ValavanisDSP Engineer & Researcher