Publications & International Speaking

Selection of written works & international speaking events


  • Pinder, M. (2020) ‘Innovation Has A Much Bigger Role To Play’, in The Other Side of Growth: An Innovator’s Responsibilities in an Emerging World. Grand Rapids, MI: Global Innovation Institute (GInI), pp. 115–128. Available at Amazon.
  • Pinder, M (2020), “Innovation Strategy Examples“, Board of Innovation BVBA Publication. Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Pinder, M (2017), “Innovation Pathways Playbook & Toolbox”, Helsinki, Finland. Internal Valmet OY Publication,
  • Pinder, M; Vanhoudt, A, (2017), “Design Thinking Playbook & Toolbox” Brussels, Belgium. Internal Proximus Publication.
  • Pinder, M (2014), “Hackers and Innovation: Redefinition and Examination of Outlaw Sources of Generativity for Future Product Development Strategies“, London: Self published. Retrieved from
  • Contributor: Collins, H. (2010), “Creative Research: The Theory and Practice of Research for the Creative Industries (Required Reading Range)“, Lausanne: AVA Publishing SA.

Innovation Articles

International Speaking

Journals & Research Papers

International Lecturing & Teaching

  • Pinder, M. Collins, H. Linscott, G. and Weed, J. (2020) ‘Business School Design Thinking Micro-credential & Executive Education Expertise Interviews & Fireside Discussions’. United Kingdom: The Open University (OU) Business School.
  • Pinder, M. (2020) ‘Imperial College London Business School: MBA Program: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Module, Business Model Innovation‘, January 2020, London, United Kingdom.
  • Pinder, M. (2017), ‘BA Hons Product Design & Entrepreneurship: Professional Development for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consulting Careers‘, December 12th, University Laval, Québec.

Interviews & Podcasts

Keynote downloads


Best Virtual Consulting Collaboration Practices World Economic Forum (WEF) to Enable Circular Economy Ecosystems 2.83 MB

Praca Hybryd Konferencia 2020 (Hybrid Work Conference 2020): Socjomania, Poland, 8th-10th September 2020. ...


SDN Netherlands Chapter Service Design for Innovation & Startups Virtual Meetup 2020 2.23 MB

SDN Network: Service Design for Innovation & Startups, 7th May, 2020 ...


Developing Entrepreneurial Culture Whilst Co-Innovating with Your Customers 6.43 MB

Cambridge University Open Innovation Forum, Institute for Manufacturing Education & Consulting, March 30th, 2020. ...


Applying Design Thinking Across the Innovation Process in Industrial B2B 8.23 MB

2nd Design Thinking for Business Innovation Summit, 6-7th February, 2020 ...


Applying Design Thinking in B2C and B2B Fortune 500's 4.74 MB

POLISHOPA Design Thinking & Service Design Conference, 3-6th June, 2019. ...


Applying Service Design Whilst Innovating Like A Startup Keynote 2.67 MB

SDN Network: Service Design for Innovation & Startups, 17th December, 2020. ...

Annual Reports

PhD Working Papers

  • Pinder, M. (2011), “Robin Hood and His Merry Innovator’s: Integrating Outlaw Innovation from Unsanctioned External Sources to Firms in the Smartphone Market“. Imperial College London Business School PhD Programme.

Conference Papers

  • Pinder, M. (2010), “How will developments within digital technologies affect the Creative Industries?” accepted abstract/poster at Digital Futures – All Hands Meeting, July 15th 2010.
  • Pinder, M., Collins H. (2010), “How will developments within digital technologies affect the Creative Industries?” paper accepted at The British Academy of Management (BAM 2010), Management Research in a Changing Climate, March 18th 2010.

Awards & Nominations

  • Guest Editor: Touchpoint: The Journal of Service Design (Innovation and Startups), Vol 11, No.1 (2019).
  • Awarded EPSRC Fully Funded Doctoral Programme at Imperial College London Business School, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group (2010).
  • Nominated for Best Masters Thesis Award (MSc International Business & Management for Design), University of Salford (2009).

Third Party Articles

MSc Thesis

  • Pinder, M. Collins H. (2010), “How will developments within digital technologies affect the creative industries?” submitted to The Design Management Institute Review (DMI), February 2010.
  • Pinder, M. (2009), “What impacts do new and future digital technologies have on the Creative Industries” submitted as part of MSc International Business & Management for Design, University of Salford / EUROMED Management / Ecole Internationale de Design.

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