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In Short: A Constructive Trouble-maker

Mike is thought leader and expert within the innovation world. He is specialised across the entire innovation process from innovation strategy to customer research, synthesis, ideation, prototyping, testing, validation, business modelling and go to market validation planning.

He leads innovation teams from c-level to project team level, globally with some of the World’s largest and most influential Fortune 500 organisations across industries in B2B and B2C. He loves to constructively challenge others to get out of their comfort zones in order to learn and grow as individuals. Positively disrupting the status quo is at his core.

Innovation Thought Leader and Expert

Mike regularly publishes, articles, guides, playbooks and content guides as well as training internal consultants over at Board of Innovation. He is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Global Innovation Institute (GiNI) and is Guest Editor of Service Design Network: Touchpoint Journal. He also publishes in a number of leading innovation blogs such as Innovation Management and Service Design Network including academic institution partnerships with Imperial College Business School and RMIT Australia (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). Check out his list of publications here.

International Keynote Speaker

In addition, Mike is an international keynote speaker on a wide variety of innovation topics, from industrial co-creation, accelerators, large scale transformation programs, service design, research methods, intrapreneurship, business modelling, design thinking, lean startup plus many more topics. Get in touch here to have a chat about your speaking requirements.

Senior Innovation Consultant

As a highly-driven innovation consultant, he is trained in strategic innovation, design, international business & management for design, with 15+ years’ cross-industry experience (including start-up new tech R&D) successfully managing innovation strategy from initial concept through to market delivery.

Adept at creative & critical-analytical thinking with ability to wear different hats whilst inspiring teams using cross-disciplinary tools & methodologies. Mike guides Fortune 500 corporate teams in design thinking, lean startup, qualitative research methods, insight generation, business model innovation, digital transformation, service design methodologies to find the right problems to solve, driving new business models & growth opportunities.


His purpose is to enable others to grow to a better state. This is why he is so passionate about innovation as it is a great vehicle to enable growth and development of people in positive, inclusive and constructive ways that also benefit society and the environment. Mike is driven by the simple idea to leave this place better than it was found. He loves to absorb information and gain key insights from as many sources as possible in order share and better serve new growth areas in others though his contributions.

Personal Life

Mike is based in Antwerp, Belgium. He is most happy outside of his comfort zone and firmly describes himself as a growth mindset person. He’s a naturally inquisitive ENFJ profile and is a passionate, critical thinker obsessed with underlying why questions. He’s keen to learn from everywhere and anyone around him.

He is often hacking technologies at home, tinkering with new projects, learning new skills, heavily into reading, writing, gaming, nerding and creating art and design projects. He loves mountain sports, cycling around Belgium and creating things with his hands. He particularly loves anything that can fly and is a keen member of EZAC Gliding Club in the Netherlands where he often spends his weekends flying and enjoying a passion.