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Feedback from clients

Mike was an amazing chairman; he is funny, proactive and able to set up a very welcoming, friendly atmosphere at the event. Thanks to Mike’s very professional approach and cheerful personality our event was a great success.

Olga GalkaVolanthen Group

Mike managed to switch on light bulbs that weren´t there before. He encouraged me in a professional and contagious way to drop artificial limitations to my already creative mindset. Mike recognized intuitively to challenge me (and others) in the way we needed it to excel in our future everyday customer journeys and duties. Keep up this inspiring spirit!

Wolfgang SchuesslerTechnical Director, Electronics Engineering

Hang around with Mike for more than an hour and you will quickly understand why he has the role of Expertise Lead at Board of Innovation. His approach to innovation is very thoughtful and grounded on the principle that if you want to avoid waste and failure, you better have a strategy. Because of that, he's often assigned to the most demanding clients, critical projects, or senior leadership teams. His management style is highly collaborative and supportive, which are two things that make his colleagues feel empowered and protected.

Marco Bar GoriaInnovation Consultant

Mike is a one of the most experienced innovation's consultant, who I ever met. We have cooporateed during Polishopa Design Thinking Conference 2019, where Mike was an invited speaker. He showed plenty of his case studies about design and innovation implementation. That was absolutely refreshing and inspirating moment for me and other participants. Mike is simply profesional and very friendly business partner. I'm looking for further cooparation with Mike and his company.

Radek RatajczakCEO SHOPA, DT/SD/CX/UX designer & mentor, design & business strategy consultant

Mike’s breadth of experience in the domains of design, innovation & technology is unparalleled. He is a walking library of frameworks, tools & methodologies who possesses the unique ability to flawlessly apply his theoretical knowledge to complex business environments. He is the embodiment of a ‘growth mindset’, relentlessly curious and continuously hungry for feedback.

Lucas TamborynInnovation Consultant

My personal experience when working with Mike Pinder has been positive and inspiring. Mike keeps the us very well on track what is going to happen and what needs to be done. He also challenges the customer & participants to think outside of the box, which is not easy. As a person he has a good (British) sense of humor and has a great natural stage presence, even for bigger audiences. I have enjoyed working with Mike and can recommend his expertise and way of working to any other colleague or stakeholder in my network.

Santeri HeinonenSenior Manager, Global Talent Development at Valmet

It is always amazing to see new talent with a desire for innovation and design emerging from academia and finding its way to industry. This is the case of Mike, whose management methodologies and new product development skills are outstanding and very desirable for any kind of industry.

Dr Sergio Castillo GarciaTechnical Director, Electronics Engineering

Client collaborations

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