Just back from a great training program with Namahn on Systemic Design. Systems thinking is essential for tackling grand challenges and wicked problems facing us ahead. Also helps break away from limited stakeholder empathy starting points.

Check out Namahn’s Systemic Design Toolkit for more info ( as well as enrolling on their training program. It’s a great practical primer on getting into systems design for innovation challenges. Special thanks to Kristel Van Ael & Koen Peters for facilitating.

Namahn's systemic design training is a strong mix of pragmatic tools and frameworks, driven by rigorous thinking and theory behind it. If you're seeking to learn more about this essential emerging field, then this course is for you. You'll get a crash course in essential principles to start using right away at your organisation. Highly recommended learning.

Mike Pinder

About Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder is an Innovation Consultant Expert and former Lead at Board of Innovation. He works cross-industry helping Fortune 500’s to innovate like start-ups, by applying a multi-disciplinary background across design, business and innovation management through hands-on consulting, training and facilitation of tailored innovation programs. Ranging from innovation strategy, corporate accelerator’s programs, long-term cultural change programs using methods like Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, business model innovation in both B2B and B2C markets