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Great to see Valmet’s Innovation Pathways B2B Co-creation Accelerator feature in the Annual Report 2018 (https://bit.ly/2H7Lrre).

It’s been a pleasure designing, building and running the program with such great collaboration and teams twice a year.

So far we’ve trained over 100+ from all functions and backgrounds. What makes this program so unique is the business impact it has whilst co-creating in an industrial context on real life B2B2x needs and problems (more on p.49).

Learn more about Board of Innovation B2B Corporate Partnership programs here: https://www.boardofinnovation.com/strategy/corporate-partnerships/

Mike Pinder

About Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder is a design and innovation management researcher and industry practitioner with an interest in external disruptive hacker innovation activities and its impacts on design trajectories within firms. He has a background in strategic innovation and design management methodologies; paired with industry experience in high tech new product development, R&D prototyping and web technology development for new hardware and software platforms.