Mike Pinder

A multidisciplinary thinker & doer: Innovation Research, Design Strategy, Design Management

Who I am

I come from a design background, trained in the design process through visual communication, Web technologies, UI/UX design and development. I’m also trained in International Business & Management for Design allowing me to apply and develop design business thinking at strategic, tactical and operational levels. I combine design and business through my knowledge of innovation management/strategy and industry experience in new technology R&D.

What I do

I have recently been working with a multidisciplinary team of aerospace engineers, electronics engineers, research scientists, audio engineers and designers developing new 3D sensing technologies and products. I helped to research, design and develop UI/UX control applications for use in multiple industries such as gaming, robotics, music, VR, lighting and automotive.

What makes me tick

I am naturally inquisitive; passionate about the near possible; a critical design business and innovation thinker and keen to learn from everywhere and anyone around me. I love all things digital including hacking technology, reading, writing, sliding down mountains, pedalling around, creating things and I have a keen interest in all that flies.

Research interests

I’m particularly interested in how firms can harness and capture value from their creative consumers, hackers and lead users by actively facilitating and exploiting external creative activities, potentially acting as a vital source of innovation and value generation. I have researched and written on the topic at PhD level and written a monograph in this area.

Publications & Research



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A summary of key takeaways from my Hacker Innovation Monograph. WRONG MEANING 1. The term ‘hacker’ has been popularised by the media in all the wrong ways. HACKING vs CRACKING...

E-Book: Hackers & Innovation Monograph now available in ePub & PDF Versions

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  If you prefer to read Hackers and Innovation: Redefinition and Examination of Outlaw Sources of Generativity for Future Product Development Strategies on your smartphone, tablet or your favourite desktop e-reader, you…


Hackers and Innovation Wiki Monograph

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I've just released a work-in-progress monograph entitled: "Hackers and Innovation: Redefinition and Examination of Outlaw Sources of Generativity for Future Product Development Strategies (2014)" as a Wiki book. To start...

How will developments within digital technologies affect the creative industries?

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After completing my MSc Thesis (entitled "How will developments in digital technologies affect the Creative Industries"), I submitted shortened working paper abstracts to several conferences and journals in Europe and received...

Robin Hood and his Merry Innovator’s: Integrating Outlaw Innovation from Unsanctioned External Sources to Firms in the Smartphone Market Paper

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Whilst partaking in innovation seminars at Imperial College London Business School, I wrote a paper relating the innovation literature to 'outlaw' sources of innovation outside firm boundaries and control. This is...

Book: Creative Research: The theory and practice of research for the creative industries

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I recently contributed to a new book by Dr Hilary Collins on Creative Research theory and practice for Masters and PhD students, researcher’s and practitioners, specific for those within the…

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KTN Design SIG: How businesses can use design in early stage innovation

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The benefits of using design in early stage innovation are well articulated and appreciated by Innovate UK. This latest KTN guide puts it into practice and sets out how businesses can…


Design For Europe: Strategic Design Thinking & Innovation Productivity Research

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New EU Commission research on the use of design and it’s impact on innovation and creativity. “EU survey shows strategic use of design linked to increased innovation and productivity” Companies…


Luma Institute: Taxonomy of Innovation

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The Luma Institute put together a useful design research methodology framework to help design researchers choose the appropriate tools for the varying stages of the innovation process with focus on...

Work featured in:

It is always amazing to see new talent with a desire for innovation and design emerging from academia and finding its way to industry. This is the case of Mike, whose management methodologies and new product development skills are outstanding and very desirable for any kind of industry.

Dr Sergio Castillo Garcia (Head of Electronics TITAN REALITY)

Mike has applied himself successfully to many disciplines in his role as Digital Innovation Strategist at Titan Reality and adopts new skills and technologies with enthusiasm. He is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates attention to detail, is always focused on the task in hand and has a thorough understanding of innovation and product development.

Jim Simons (Software Architect, TITAN REALITY)

I worked with Mike for several years within a multi-disciplinary team of software developers, research scientists, designers and engineers and had the pleasure of seeing him work seamlessly across design, business, management and innovation roles in the startup environment. I was particularly impressed by his wealth of knowledge across the design process, backup-up by a strong strategic business mindset as well as his ability to get people on board with new creative ideas from different disciplines. Mike is someone with strong ambition, is self-motivated and would be a tremendous asset to any team.

Vassilis Valavanis (DSP Engineer & Researcher)