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“How are we doing with our current innovation capabilities?”

…We get this question a lot from c-suites and innovation managers around the World. They want to know how their organization is doing compared to other leading companies to help them understand how they can level-up their game.

The question might be crucial, but such framing doesn’t necessarily help. Rather than looking outwards at what other companies are doing, corporates should start by looking inwards when considering how to make their renewed innovation strategy more in-line with the evolving business environment.

You’ll get the answers to the  following key questions:

  • What is an innovation audit?
  • Why do an innovation audit?
  • How do innovation audits work?
  • Case study & next steps
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Mike Pinder

About Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder is a design and innovation management researcher and industry practitioner with an interest in external disruptive hacker innovation activities and its impacts on design trajectories within firms. He has a background in strategic innovation and design management methodologies; paired with industry experience in high tech new product development, R&D prototyping and web technology development for new hardware and software platforms.