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New EU Commission research on the use of design and it’s impact on innovation and creativity.


“EU survey shows strategic use of design linked to increased innovation and productivity”

Companies asked

“Which of the following statements best describes the activities of your company with regard to design?”

And asked to choose from six options:

  • Design is a central element in the company’s strategy
  • Design is an integral, but not central element of development work in the company
  • Design is used as last finish, enhancing the appearance and attractiveness of the final product
  • The company does not work systematically with design
  • Design is not used in the company
  • Don’t know


The good news is that more than six in ten companies are using design in some way. 13% say design is a central element of their company’s strategy while 18% say design is an integral but not central element of their development work.

Full results available at: Innobarometer report on the EC website.

Mike Pinder

About Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder is a design and innovation management researcher and industry practitioner with an interest in external disruptive hacker innovation activities and its impacts on design trajectories within firms. He has a background in strategic innovation and design management methodologies; paired with industry experience in high tech new product development, R&D prototyping and web technology development for new hardware and software platforms.